Djembe Group


Do you enjoy drum circles but would like to spend a bit more time exploring what your drum can do, and trying out drums you haven't played before? 

Would you like to learn some new rhythms and try playing some more complex beats as part of a friendly group? 

Then come along to our djembe group, where you can learn more ways to explore and enjoy your drumming.  We focus on West African drumming.  The sessions are usually on the Sunday mornings when we have our JamBeats drum circle in the afternoon - see the Calendar page for dates.

Perfect for all of you who'd like to spend happy times with the drums!

So come and sit around the fire with us and share this wonderful opportunity to connect as our ancestors would have done, with laughter and friendship.  And tap into the age-old wisdom of the drums.

Dun Dun and other drums

From time to time we also run sessions working with frame drums, and sometimes a workshop for children - we find that a workshop (with smaller drums) for children aged 8 and over, who bring their adults with them to help, works well.  Watch this space or our Facebook page, or get in touch.

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