Drum Circles

We have all sorts of drummers, from those who have never held a drum, to experienced players who can beat out complex rhythms, and everyone in between.  Whilst the emphasis on all our drum circles is fun, there is also an element of straightforward learning. 

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Roundhouse 2

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 JamBeats at the Roundhouse

Our original and biggest group, held at the stunning replica Iron Age Roundhouse in  Hadleigh Country Park.  Twelve years ago (2009) we asked the rangers if we could hire the space for a couple of hours one Sunday afternoon.  They agreed, we took our drums along and sat around the fire-pit at Yule, with half a dozen friends and set down some beats.  Word spread, our numbers grew, and now we host up to around 50 people with their drums, at our Roundhouse circles.  We use our valuable Roundhouse time in a way that is respectful to the place and to nature, celebrating the turning of the seasons. So, our circles are held at appropriate times during the year - Samhein (Hallowe'en), Beltane, the two Equinoxes and the two Solstices.  Our circles are open to all, children, aunties and uncles, mums and dads, nans and grandads.  We always laugh, we dance, we sometimes sing.  But again, the drum circle is what you want it to be - you can meditate and watch the fire, or you can dance away the afternoon to celebrate the wonders of the changing seasons.  We use shamanic style frame drums, djembes, congas, percussion - anything goes at this one.  We like it if you can bring your own drum.  But we do have enough to go around. 

Read more about the Iron Age Roundhouse here:

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