Drum Making

Drum making

Here at JamBeats we like to offer you the entire drumming experience from the very beginning - creating your own drum and drumstick from the basics of rawhide and a wooden frame - then introducing your new drum to circle and watching it find its own spirit among the company of others in the roundhouse.  Taking the time out of your busy life to slow down for a few hours and create your own drum is an experience that is beneficial in so many ways.

There are so many ways to use your new drum - making music and easing into the rhythms of drum circle is one,  but also drum healing, sound vibration and meditation are but a few others.  Your drum can be the very most powerful tool in your medicine kit.

There is nothing quite like investing your time and energy in creating such a wonderful instrument.

Our rawhide is sourced in the UK and comes from red deer usually, but we do get fallow and horse - the horse usually comes via special request, so if you want it, ask.

In future we very much look forward to producing our own rawhide sourced from local Essex deer, which will be worked with love and honour in the traditional way, to bring you a quality product that has been carefully cared for from the very beginning of the process.

Our Drum Making Workshop has a loose timetable - usually running between 10am and 4pm.  We can work with up to 4 people at time.  At present, we are able to keep the cost down to £140 per person for a 14 drum if you come to us, but this does depend upon the cost of raw materials and can therefore be subject to fluctuation.  

Deposit of £50 required upon booking please. 

If you’d like to host your own drum-making day instead of coming to our workshop, we can do that - we’ll come to you and bring everything you need. 

As with drum circles, drum-making can offer different groups of people a wonderful way to make that connection with the ancient ways when life was lived at a less hurried pace.  And you get your very own drum and drumstick at the end of it.  Drum-making can be fun for all sorts of occasions and groups - celebrations, grown-ups and children, and so on….we’re only limited by imagination.

We can offer you and your group a day working with rawhide and wood, to create something simple yet beautiful.  Our workshops usually run 10am-4pm.  We can work with a group of up to 6 people at a time, as long as you have the space.  The cost, including all materials etc, will be around £145 for each standard 14” drum that’s made.


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