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Pete & Jo

  Hi - I'm Jo Gray. Drums have been long been a part of my life, since I made my very first one way back in time. The JamBeats drum circles sprang up from a desire to experience how the drums worked, the feelings they evoke, the healing they offer and the vibrations that soak into my skin. There is nothing like making a drum from scratch, honouring the animal so that it may live on through the magic of the drums circles and the celebration of nature. 

My trade is massage and my desire is to help people who find their way to my studio - to ease their pain and to work towards re-establishing that connection between mind and body.  The mind is reluctant to address emotional issues, and the body recognises this and pain is generated as a reminder that there is business left unfinished.  This is what I truly believe.

Respond to and address the body's signals with respectful attention. 

So for me, this is where the link between the drums and my work is made.  Since the beginning of time when mankind first stretched a skin across a frame and made a sound, drum vibration has been used for healing, for singing and dancing, for raising positive energies and for generating a deep and healthy community spirit.  It's almost as if, when the drums get going in the roundhouse, that the Earth herself rumbles from deep within to join with us in our celebration of all that is.

Using the drums in circle to bring about all those benefits - including  even subconsciously the loosening of old thought patterns, the tug of community  through our wonderful drum family, the camaraderie and the sheer joy of being part of the offering of these sounds and vibrations to the universe - all works towards building a positive base from which to deal with life's little disturbances.  And let's face it, we all have those.  

So, my interest was sparked way back in time, when I made my very first drum - Blackbird - from a piece of deer skin and an ash hoop. And it continues every day.   Recently I have been learning a new skill - producing rawhide for drum skins from the beginning of the process, with local Essex/Suffolk deer.  I am delighted to be able to experience this wonderfully ancient art of tanning and look forward to using our own "Jambeats" produced hides for our frame drums when the learning is complete.  I offer thanks to my generous teachers.

Jambeats has evolved because of a curiosity about the workings of the drums, these incredible but so so simple tools/instruments. I hope that you (if you haven't already) will find some time to join us for a circle at some point, because to live with the drums is a true gift that I am thankful for every day.

Apart from the drums and my work, yoga keeps me busy and I am currently becoming absorbed in the serenity of Yin yoga, which is restorative and wonderful and provides fabulous all round benefits of health and peace.  Long may it last.  

Pete and Jo

Hi, I’m Pete the other half of JamBeats.  I grew up playing music and singing, and have always enjoyed trying new instruments and music.  Although drumming and rhythm were a pretty important part of all that, I started working in drum circles in 2009 - and we haven’t looked back since.  After a couple of years we branched out from frame drums to embrace African drums and their wonderful rhythms as well, and I’m always learning new rhythms to share with our drum tribe.  When I’m not drumming, I try to help people around the world who want to hold democratic elections, and I play a bit of bass guitar and keyboards.

Jo and Pete at the Roundhouse

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