Welcome to JamBeats

Welcome to JamBeats - for everyone who loves to drum!  We are  Jo and Pete, and JamBeats is our Essex-based drumming group.  Our drumming groups are open and inclusive, and we welcome all ages and abilities.

Roundhouse drum circle

Drum Circles

Through the year, especially on the solstices and equinoxes, we gather to celebrate at the Iron Age Roundhouse in Hadleigh Country Park.  Come and join us.  All welcome.  No drumming experience needed.  It helps us if you can bring your own drums, but we have some to share if you don’t - both frame drums, most of which we have made ourselves, and African djembes, which we buy from a few craftspeople who really know their stuff. 

In the best tradition of British drum circles, we have a short tea break halfway through.

We ask for a £6 contribution from adults who come along, to help pay for hiring the venue.  Children up to the age of 16 come for free.

Check our Calendar page for details, and details of any other events.

Drum Making

We host regular drum-making days in our JamBeats workshop when you can come along and make your very own frame drum using deer or horse hide and wooden hoops.  We provide all the materials you’ll need, and take you through all the steps to make your drum.  We can also come to you if you have a group interested in a drum-making day of your own.

Djembe Group

For those of you who’ve got the drumming bug, we run a djembe group, focusing on West African drumming (djembes and dunduns), with a chance to practise your technique and learn some traditional rhythms.  

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